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  • Must be currently experiencing one or more symptoms of respiratory illness (e.g. cough, runny nose, congestion, headache, fever, nausea, vomiting)
  • Aged 18 years or over
  • Has received the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine as their most recent dose
  • Has not received a Covid-19 vaccine in the last 3 months
  • Has not had a positive COVID-19 test result in the last 3 months
  • Is not immunocompromised
  • Aged 35 to 70 years
  • Has a diagnosis of osteoarthritis with pain in the hip and/or knee joints
  • Relatively healthy
  • Aged 18 to 75 years
  • Has elevated LDL levels (2.59 mmol/L – 4.89mmol/L)
  • Is not currently taking any lipid-lowering prescription medications
  • Relatively healthy
  • Males aged between 18 to 50 years
  • Has a history of stuttering that developed before 8 years old and has lasted for > 2 years
  • BMI within the range of 22-30
  • Relatively healthy
  • Aged over 16 to 40 years
  • Is a woman
  • If a woman is over 20 years of age they must have direct exposure to children 5 years or younger each week
  • No history of autoimmune conditions