Flu vaccine

Study background

Influenza, commonly called the flu, is a highly contagious virus and is one of the leading causes of death in the world. 300,000 people were infected with the flu in Australia in 2019. Older adults are at greater risk of serious complications from the flu, such as lung and heart diseases, because your immune defences become weaker as you get older. Currently, you would receive an annual flu shot to cover the existing strains, however, these vaccinations might not cover complete exposure over the whole flu season.

This research study is being conducted to see if a new flu vaccine for people over the age of 50, consisting of the current quadrivalent flu vaccine with an added booster can provide more coverage to current circulating strains and increased duration of immune response at 6 months after vaccination. You would be assigned randomly to either the new study vaccine or the current quadrivalent flu vaccine.

Study Details

The study would require you to come in 3 times over 6 months which will take up to an hour for each visit. Over the course of the study, we would check your medical history, draw blood, vaccinate you, and give you an app to put on your phone for you to record data for 7 days following the vaccination.

You may also be reimbursed for your time and involvement in the research study.

Eligibility criteria

  • Aged over 50 years