Flu Vaccine

Study background

Seasonal flu can cause severe illness, hospitalization and death especially in high-risk groups such as pregnant women, young children, the elderly or individuals with chronic medical conditions. Current flu vaccinations on average are only 40 percent effective.

This study is researching a new flu vaccine that will be effective against all strains providing better protection. The flu vaccine is usually delivered yearly for immunization against seasonal flu viruses.

Study Details

The study would require you to come to the clinic 2 times over the 1 month. Visits will range between 15 mins to an hour each time you come in. Over the course of the study, we will check your medical history, draw blood, and administer the vaccines. There will also be an e-diary that needs to be completed following the administration of the study vaccines for 7 days to monitor for any reactions.

You will be paid for your time in the research study.

Eligibility criteria

  • Aged between 18 to 55 years
  • Has not received a flu vaccine in the last six months
  • Is not immunocompromised

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